21 – Harakiri: Death of a Samurai (1962)

A Ronin arrives on the doorstep of a Japanese castle wanting to spill his guts out all over the castle-lords nice yard.  In classic, give-a-mouse-a-cookie fashion it becomes clear that the suicidal swordsman wants more than just the sweet release of death.  The more the castle-lord tries to besmirch the ronin’s honor the more it becomes painfully obvious that the lord of house Iyi is about to get a painful lesson in the samurai code.  The ronin’s son in law was tortured to death by the governor’s men, and the ronin now seeks further revenge after having already defeated the best Iyi swordsmen in single combat.  The movie ends in a long, bloody struggle where the ronin proves once and for all that house Iyi is chumps who only win by cheating.

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