April 3, 2017

46 – Almost Famous (2000)

The Vintners pick apart Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous.  A coming of age tale set in the gritty fantastic world of mid tier touring rock n’ roll bands in the early seventies.  This episode contains some discussion of the film’s portrayal of rape and sexual abuse of minors so have the skip ahead button ready if that kind of thing is upsetting.

March 27, 2017

45 – Best in Show (2000)

Kevin Crispy and Shaun talk the dog show skewering mockumentary Best in Show.

March 15, 2017

44 – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2000)

Hear our review of the year 2000’s finest martial arts epic, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon starring Chow Yun Fat and directed by Ang Lee.  Also hear Kevin Hendricks, the worlds foremost M. Night Shyamalapologist.

February 25, 2017

43 – Gladiator (2000)

Welcome to Season 4 and Vintage 4 on the Fine Vintage movie podcast.  A couple of new format changes for the new season we have a new ranking system from 100 to 50, borrowed from with all necessary gratitude Wine Spectator Magazine, we will rank each movie from Classic to Not Recommended.  Also we have a new system of picking movies and played the movie game at the end to see who goes first.  This is a fun episode!

February 4, 2017

42 – 3 Days of the Condor

Mark Hendricks joins his son and his co-hosts for a review of Robert Redford’s turn as a literary analyst on the run from a mysterious group of spies inside the CIA.  In a fugue state of pure nerd rage, can Robert Redford become a tough guy spy in time to thwart the powers that be?  Yep!

January 25, 2017

41 – Cooley High (1975)

Join us for this classic high school drama set in inner city Chicago in 1964.  Cooley High!

January 15, 2017

40 – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Join us for an episode covering 1975’s Best Picture Oscar Winner, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.  This episode features input from Kevin’s Wife Mandy, Shadow Producer, RN.

January 9, 2017

39 – Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Hello Vintner Nation! We are back form our unplanned, unannounced holiday hiatus with a brand new episode recorded over 2 months ago!  It’s been a wild couple of weeks but we’re hoping we’re at most 3 times as happy to be back as you are to have the show back.  Join us as we watch a serious contender for most essential cult movie of all time, Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

November 6, 2016

38 – Death Race 2000 (1975)

Join us for our discussion of Death Race 2000!

Here’s a link to the movember page from the listener comments segment. mobro.co/jeffgilpin

October 30, 2016

37 – The Devil’s Rain (1975) W/ John Hendricks

Join us for an extra spooky Halloweekend episode featuring The Devil’s Rain and special Horror Movie enthusiast guest, John Hendricks.